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Your Only Supplier of Premium Granola

Vintageoats was established for families and people all over . Granola is a big deal! Millions of people eat it daily weather its as a snack, cereal or with yogurt . I take pride in making quality granola that's not only delicious but is good for the inner you. I believe you are what you eat. Foods are mass produced and pumped with artificial flavorings and perspectives. That's the difference between  Vintageoats and other brands. All my granola is made in small batches. Made with no artificial flavoring or coloring.  I use Organic and quality products, There is a difference. I take my vintage out look and put it into my cooking ,which makes my products unique. Believing that you deserve only the best, I am constantly looking for ways to improve both the flavor and the nutritional value of my granola. A few of my granola flavors are infused with essential oils which have several health benefits.  Instead of using artificial ingredients i am able to use the oils to give the granola a rich and unique flavor. 

"Getting back to the basics" is the slogan for Vintageoats. Its so simple yet such a powerful statement. Getting back to a place where we can eat food and not have to worry about it being pumped with artificial flavorings, Preservatives and coloring. Our granola is Gluten Free, made with natural sweeteners. We pride our selves on using high quality ingredients.